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REAL Locks - The Key To The REAL World

5-Level Master Key System With More Than 3 Billion Key Codes

German IF. Red Dot Design. Good Design Award Winner – REAL LOCKS

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REAL Locks - The Key to the Real World

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REAL is a lock expert with 39 years of security lock experience and has been selling their locks to more than 130 countries worldwide. In 1972, REAL started manufacturing cylinder locks for banks in Europe and Asia, furniture and car companies in Americas and Asia, whoever needed cylinder locks installed. Unlike most lock makers, REAL also supply round, square and diamond shaped locks to provide various choices of locks. To enforce their strength, REAL's locks are all made of stainless steel and brass, and with CNC machine they are perfectly carved. In addition, REAL's stainless steel locker was once tested by the U.S. CIA with live ammunition to test its durability. Even 30 years ago, REAL's locks were already well-known for their sophistication and solidness. Later, REAL's realization of global competition made them take further steps and design a five-level master key system. The master key system contains more than 3 billion key codes and its grand master key is capable of opening more than 200,000 locks. It is favored by hotels, country clubs, furniture stores and gyms, wherever key management is required. REAL's complicated design of master key system has already surpassed other lock giants in Japan, England, France, Italy, the U.S., etc.

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In year 2000, to solve the problem of key owners who always lose their keys or forget about the lock codes with keyless combination lock, REAL began to focus on developing cylinder locks combined with combination code-setting functions. Different from most locks, REAL designed a combination code lock that has a cylinder lock in it for key managers to open the locks for whoever forgets the codes. This innovative design is commonly applied in lockers in clubs, gyms, fitness centers, spas, hotels and already has been used in famous hotels and gyms including Four Seasons, Crowne Plaza and Hilton, Life Time Fitness, Pure Yoga, etc.

Deadbolt RL-8011 design

REAL never stops pursuing high standard designs of locks, regardless of size. The cooperation with truck companies allowed REAL to develop a vehicle lock system (electronic truck locks) that supports one remote control to open up to three door locks. This advanced lock design, which combines electronic devices and key locks, has also attracted other international companies to work with REAL, including the Japanese company ICL, FeDex and UPS.

REAL believes that having a strong design ability to tailor to customer's needs is essential, but that branding is also a key to bring REAL to the international stage. Therefore, REAL has been focusing on promoting their brand name by winning design awards containing (IF, reddot, Golden Pin, Sold Secure, CE) and possessing 90 patents.ending

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From manufacturing cylinder locks that contain 3 billion key codes, to 5-level master key system. In 2009, REAL created a subsidiary named Kreima, which has been focusing on designing trendy and enjoyable bike locks. Check out Kreima's bicycle locks - Heimdallr & Galatea.

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