• Cabinet lock, Locker and Furniture Locks Keyless Series RL-9049
  • Cabinet lock, Locker and Furniture Locks Keyless Series RL-9049

Master Key System For Vending Machine Locks, Safe Deposit Box Lock, Cabinet Lock

Lock Cylinders With Over 3 Billion Key Codes

Lock Solutions For Hotels, Gyms, Vending Machines, Banks

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REAL's Five-Level Master Key System

REAL's five-level master key system contains over 3 billion key codes and the capability has already surpassed other lock solution providers including in Japan, England, France, Italy, U.S., etc.

cabinet lock RL-8061

REAL is a lock solution provider with more than 39 years of seasoned experience. Their accomplishment has proved by winning more than 40 international awards (IF, reddot, Golden Pin, Sold Secure, CE) and possessing 90 patents. REAL's lock solutions and lock cylinder designs meet the highest standards for quality, design and efficiency and are spotted in security systems around the world, including in hotels, clubs, gyms, vending machines, police departments and pay phones, whichever key management is required.

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Hotel and Resort Master Key System – Cabinet Lock & Door Lock

A master key system provides you with the authority to open every room and at the same time allowing other users to open only specific rooms. With a large volume of visitors and hotel rooms, how do you ensure the security of each room? In the hotel, a grand master key will have access to all of the door locks, hotel managers will have the key admissions to the particular rooms that they are in charge of, visitors will have access to cabinet locks and housekeeping will have keys that allow them to open the rooms for cleaning. REAL is capable of customizing and delivering total solutions to create multiple levels (up to five levels) of key security, which means flexible master key management, including system expansions, changes in access authorizations and lost keys, etc.

Master key system

Gym Locker Master Key Systems

cabinet lock RL-8061

Lost keys for locker lock is the most common situation at the gym. People who carry the locker keys around either end up losing the key or finding it very cumbersome. With the master key system, keys are divided into different levels, a grand master key for a general manager to open all of the locker locks, key access for the staff at the counter, key admissions to the locker maintenance worker, and keys for the guests who own the lockers. If a guest loses the key, lock cylinder is replaced and the rest of key holders continue to use the same ones.

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Military, Police Department Master Key System - Weapons Storage Cabinet Locker

Cabinet locker RL-8051

In some circumstances, police officers need to use master key system to have control of guns to prevent' usage violations by police. Guns should be controlled to avoid illegal obtaining by criminals and loss. In a police department, the higher ranking officer should have a master key that enables admission to all of the gun lockers, the supervisor at each division should have an access key to weapons storage cabinet locker of individual officers, and the officers themselves should each have an admission key for their own locker. Military should have a master key system to organize their weapons, the general should have a master key that is able to open all the weapon lockers, and every team leader should have access to lockers too.

cabinet lock RL-8051 design
Series No.MaterialSurface
RL-8051 (Z-CP) Zinc Alloy Chrome
RL-8051 (Z-BP) Zinc Alloy Copper
RL-8051 (Z-BC) Zinc Alloy Silver sand surface (Chrome)
RL-8051 (Z-BB) Zinc Alloy Golden sand surface (Copper)
RL-8051 (Z-SN) Zinc Alloy Nickel matte
RL-8051 (Z-B) Zinc Alloy Electroforming (Black)

Vending Machine Master Key System

For vending machine master key systems, there are several levels of lock management between the managers at each region, money collectors and machine maintenance workers. Regional sales managers should have admission to all of the machines, maintenance workers should only have the ability to open the vending machines and cash collectors should also have access to money from the machines.

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  • cabinet lock RL-9043

Safe Deposit Box Lock Master Key System

Having important items, personal belongings and documents in a safe deposit box is a way to prevent you from forgetting where they are. Most banks and credit unions offer the services, and their master key systems help ensure the security of items. For master key systems, the manager should have a key that allows access to all of the safe deposit box locks. If clients lose their keys, instead of changing the locks, only lock cylinders will be replaced and the bank staff can still continue to use the same keys. With the unique master key systems, only lock cylinder modifications need to be done, since the master key contains more than 3 billion key codes.

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