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Every morning before sunrise, hundreds of HTC storage truck drivers start their door-to-door delivery with approximately 250,000 pieces of merchandise a day.

With HTC's successful business, the drivers sometimes drive hundreds of times back and forth between cities to make sure goods are delivered into each client's hands. Hence, a suitable vehicle door lock system should consider some factors such as its weather tolerance ability, truck size for a vehicle lock to open, the motor of the truck door lock, battery capability, two interface design and user experience. An year later, REAL designed a vehicle lock system that allows drivers to unlock the door using an electronic remote controller, and for locking the doors, they can just easily push and lock by hand.

Real's vehicle lock

REAL's excellent truck security lock attracted Japanese company ICL's attention, and they requested a lock system with higher standards. They asked for a vehicle lock that can tolerate harsh weather conditions and a lock that is designed for a Japanese-made truck. With ICL's requests, REAL designed a truck door lock system that only needs one key to open a truck that has more than one door, for instance the ones in Japan that have two side doors on both sides of the truck. In the end, ICL was pleased with REAL's performance and have been working together since then.

electronic truck locks

REAL never stops pursuing high standard designs of locks, regardless of size. The cooperation with truck companies allowed REAL to develop a vehicle lock system (electronic truck locks) that supports one remote control to open up to three door locks. This advanced lock design, which combines electronic devices and key locks, has also attracted other international companies to work with REAL, including the Japanese company ICL, Fedex and UPS.

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